ServicesBecause your business is not always 9 to 5.

Services Include:

• Same day - Rush 
• Door to door air freight
• Next day heavyweight
• Second day heavyweight
• Three day economy freight
• Expedited ground service
• Saturday Delivery

(Alaska and  Hawaii may require 2 day service depending on the pickup time from shipper.)

Delayed shipments that are beyond Southern Air Freight’s control
• Act of God
• Riots, strikes, or labor disputes.
• Acts of terrorism or acts of public enemies.
• Disruption in air transportation as a result of weather or natural disasters.

*All quotes are from door to door with no fuel surcharges or add on fees. If insurance is required, the cost is .50 cents per $100.00 value declared.

Note: to determine dimension weight for domestic shipments, multiply the package length by the width by the height. For each measurement, round off any fraction to the nearest inch (for example 1.00" to 1.49" will be considered 1 inch, and 1.50" to 1.99" will be considered 2 inches).

Dimensional weight = L x W x H

For international shipments:

Dimensional weight = L x W x H

Emergency Services


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